Motorglide 7215

Motorglide 7215

The Motorglide 7215 is an electrically powered locking device designed for use in applications requiring remote electrical unlocking and manual movement of sliding doors. This motorized locking system provides smooth, quiet operation
with minimal maintenance. Low power requirement (24 VDC) provides substantial cost savings in electrical power distribution and controls.

This maximum security locking device is designed with security foremost in mind. The door operator is contained in a securely baffled, continuous or individual, compact housing. Surface mounted locking column at rear of
opening is of seamless, one piece construction to resist tampering. Provides for positive 2-point locking in both the open and closed position with automatic mechanical deadlock.

Doors may be individually unlocked manually at the door in the event of an emergency or power failure. The door travels on a solid alloy steel track, using silent non-metallic rollers with lifetime lubricated bearings to insure maximum reliability and quiet operation.

APPLICATION: Sliding door device for entrances, safety vestibules, corridors, and cells

DRIVE SYSTEM: Manual with automatic 3” door movement at unlock

RELEASE SYSTEM: Remote electric. Local manual in hollow metal receiver jamb.


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