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Cornerstone Service & Supply offers a wide selection of detention products to the detention marketplace.  Whether you are a city, county, state or federal facility, let Cornerstone deliver the inmate supplies, jail supply & jail equipment products you need and the prices you want.  Our highly-trained staff is available for consultations as well as assessments and repairs.  With more than 50 years of experience, Cornerstone can take care of all your Service & Supply needs.  To place an order or for more information, please contact us at 877-298-7351 or use our convenient Contact Us Form.

Listings : Security Screens

High Security Wire Mesh

Wire mesh partitions consist of the panel & associated parts to help complete installation. Doors, frames, passes, and other accessories can be incorporated. We prepare the partition
for many models of locks, hinges, closers, dps, & other hardware.

MEDIUM SECURITY BARRIERS are installed within the confines of a correctional facility to provide division in key areas. They also offer security from escape through overhead fixtures.
This product features 12 gauge welded steel frames, with rods welded to the frame. This fabrication method results in exceptional strength and security to prevent inmate escape from within the prison perimeter. The 12 Gauge Steel Vantage Partition’s woven, steel lock crimp rods inhibit wire movement. Product Options: Steel and Galvannealed Steel

Like the 12 Gauge Steel Vantage Partition, the 13 Gauge Stainless Steel Vantage Partition Barrier offers incredible strength in all medium-security areas. Its 13 gauge, welded steel frames and woven, steel lock crimp rods provide unmatched barrier protection in segregation areas, prisoner transport elevators, stairwell partitions and/or other areas in and around corrections facilities. Product Option: Stainless Steel

MAXIMUM SECURITY BARRIERS are considered strong enough to operate as the only physical barrier that separates inmates from the outside world. These barriers are also known as “prime perimeter security” barriers.

• MAXIMUM SECURITY BARRIER -Vantage Wall – 12 Gauge
The 12 Gauge Vantage Wall Barrier – with 12 gauge welded steel frames – is most commonly utilized as a cell front or an enclosure for recreation areas, both indoor and outdoor. The Vantage Wall is expertly fabricated using a tubular frame design to reduce structural support requirements. What’s more, custom shapes are available for use in a variety of other applications such as overhead recreation decks, corridor partitions, day rooms and vestibules. Product Options: Steel and Galvannealed Steel

• MAXIMUM SECURITY BARRIER -Vantage Wall – 13 Gauge
The 13 Gauge Stainless Steel Vantage Wall Barrier offers protection for drug storage areas, sally ports, shower areas and more. Rods are welded into slots in the main frame for the ultimate in jail and prison security. Standard options include 3/8″ diameter lock crimp wire and 13 gauge welded steel frames. Product Option: Stainless Steel