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Listings : Restraints

Humane Tether

Versatile tether, available in leather or polyurethane, features smith and Wesson #100 cuffs on each end. For additional subject control, it can be used to help with cell extraction, as a hobble, or other situations such as showers.



Polypropylene Limb Holders

Polypropylene Limb Holders are easy to clean, lightweight, and color coded. Neoprene on the cuff adds comfort while the anchoring strap secures to a bed, chair, or gurney. The initial quick hook & loop closure keeps the cuff closed while the chosen secondary closure (hook & loop for quick and easy closure or L-400 lock for security) offers additional security. Color coded for quick visual identification, wristlets are blue and ankles are green. May be used with polypropylene torso restraint NBT-104 (hook & Loop) or NBLT-401 (L-400 Lock Buckle) for 5th or 6th points.

Closure-Hook & Loop

L-400 Lock Buckle


Polypropylene Bed Restraints

Polypropylene Bed Restraints cuffs provide a quick hook & Loop closure and the security of a variety of secondary closures. Options include the side release buckle for quick application, hook & loop for simple application, and L-400 Locks for security. 2″ polypropylene straps have a tensile strength of 1400 lbs to accommodate moderate to aggressive patients. Neoprene inside the cuffs provide comfort while the easy-to clean material is fully adjustable to fit juveniles to adults. A one-piece item, color coded for quick identification, wrist restraints are blue and ankles restraints are green. May be used with polypropylene torso restraints NBT-101, NBT-104 pr NBLT-401 for 5th and 6th points. We can also customize the restraints to fit your bed.

Wrist and Ankle Restraints
Cuff Closure-Side Release Buckle- Bed Closure-Side Release Buckler-Wrist NBW-101- Ankle NBA-101
Cuff Closure-Hook & Loop- Bed Closure-Hook & Loop-Wrist NBW-104- Ankle NBA-104
Cuff Closure-L-400 Lock Buckle- Bed Closure- L-400 Lock Buckle- Wrist NBLWL-403, Ankle NBLAL-403

Torso Restraints
Polypropylene torso restraint provides you with the option of a 5″ and 6″ point. Utilizes the same easy-to-clean material and variety of closures as our wrist and ankle polypropylene restraints with Neoprene padding for comfort. Fully adjustable with a 1400 lb. tensile strength to aid in the control of moderate to aggressive juvenile to adult populations. Maroon color coding helps differentiate from wrist and ankle bed restraints.
Closure- Side Release Buckle- NBT-101
Hook & Loop- NBT-104
L-400 Lock Buckle-NBLT-401


201 Leather Bed Restraints

Non-locking leather bed restraints are constructed as a one piece item that will fit a variety of beds for juvenile to adult populations. The time-tested basic design assures easy application. Use with disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort. May be used with CBR-101 for 5″ and 6th points. We can also customize the restraints to fit your bed.

Wrist, Leather- CBW-201
Cuff Length 12, Cuff Width 3″
Size Adjustments- (Four) 8″-10″

Ankle, Leather-CBA-201
Cuff Length 14″, Cuff Width 3″
Size Adjustment- (Four) 9 1/2″- 12″


203 Polyurethane Bed Restraints

Polyurethance 203 bed restraints posses the benefits of the leather restraints with additional features. Generation 4 and 5 polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff’s ease of use.

Product Options:
Wrist, Polyurethane CBW-201-POLY
Cuff Length 12″, Cuff Width 3″- Size adjustments (Four) 8″-10″-Cuff Color: Blue

Ankle, Polyurethane CBA-201-Poly
Cuff Length 14″, Cuff Width 3″- Size adjustments (Four) 9 1/2″-12″-Cuff Color: Green


203 Leather Bed Restraints

203 Leather Bed Restraints
Maximum security locking bed restraints lock to bed as well limbs. Locks promote authorized release. This one-piece item fits a variety of beds and juvenile to adult populations. Universal K-300 key opens all L-300 locks. Use the disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort. We can also customize the restraints to fit your bed. May be used with CBL-101 for 5th and 6th points

Wrist, Leather-CBLWL-203
Cuff Length 15″, Cuff Width 3″

Ankle, Leather-CBLAL-203
Cuff Length 16″, Cuff Width 3″


Non-Locking Bed Restraint Kit

#1 Kit, Leather
(1) CBW-201 Leather Bed Wrist Restraint, Non-Locking
(1) CBR-101 Leather Bed Torso Restraint, Non-Locking
(1) CBA-201 Leather Bed Ankle Restraint, Non-Locking
(1) RBL-100 Large Restraint Bag

#8 Kit, Polyurethane
Kit # 1 in a polyurethane Equal

Disposable Liner for Kits #1 & #8
Aid in Prevention of chafing and add to patient comfort
Wrist: FWL-200 Ankle: FAL-200


Belts-Locking Polyurethane Belts

Belts-Locking Polyurethane Belts Options (18″-78″)


Belts-Locking Leather Belts

Leather Belts-Locking, Options (18″-78″)
-(18″) BL-118
-(24″) BL-124
-(30″) BL-130
-(36″) BL-136
-(42″) BL-142
-(48″) BL-128
-(54″) BL-154
-(60″) BL-160


Belts-Non-Locking Polyurethane Belts

Belts-Non-Locking Polyurethane Belts Options

Polyurethane Belts-Non-Locking, Options (18″-42″)
-(18″) B-218-Poly
-(24″) B-224-Poly
-(36″) B-230-Poly
-(39″) B-236-Poly
-(42″) B-242-Poly

Polyurethane Belts-Non-Locking, Options (48″-78″)
-(48″) B-248-Poly
-(54″) B-254-Poly
-(60″) B-260-Poly
-(66″) B-266-Poly
-(72″) B-272-Poly


Leather & Polyurethane 601 Restraints

Non-locking restraints are ideal for stretcher or gurney applications. Non-locking style allows for fast application and removal. Control straps are permanently riveted on cuffs, avoiding lost control straps. Six size adjustments will accommodate juveniles to adults. Standard with an orthopedic leather lining and optional foam padding is available to enhance comfort. Use with disposable flees liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and AL-200 (ankle) for additional comfort.

Wrist- (Size Adjustment) 5 3/4″- 9 1/2″
Standard-W-601-Lenght 12″
Foam Padding-WL-601- Length 12″
Polyurethane (Blue)- W-601-Poly- Length 12″

Ankle- (Size Adjustment) 8″- 8 11 3/4″
Standard-A-601-Lenght 14″
Foam Padding-AL-601- Length 14″
Polyurethane (Blue)- A-601-Poly- Length 14″


Transport Belts

Eliminate injuries caused by handcuffing behind the back by using these convenient transport belts Products will fit juvenile to adult populations. Belts maintain wrists to torso for safer transport.

Transport Belts- With Half Cuff Oprtions
CBT-480-Leather Non-Locking
CNT-480-Nylon, Side Release Buckle
CHL-480-Nylon, Hook and Loop Closure

Transport Belts- With D-Ring Options
BT-48-Leather Non-Locking
T-48-Nylon, Side Release Buckle
HL-48-NYlon, Hook and Loop Closure
D-Ring & Cuffs-MBT-480


Nylon Control Straps

Hook and Loop-NCS-300
Spring Buckle-NCS-900


Transport Leg Brace

Right Legg-LAB-100-R
Left Leg-LAB-100-L
Carry Case-CCB-100

Also available as Kit # 3, which includes both a right leg and left leg brace and a carrying bag.


Locking Leg Weight

Slow’em down with Leg Weights, available in 10# and 20# bags. This product impedes running or kicking. Application is east and fast with two hook and loop straps; a locking leather strap provides additional security. Tough vinyl covering for easy cleaning.

10 lb Leg Weight-TW-100
20 lb Leg Weight-TW-200

Featuring L-300 Lock


Waist Chains

Model 7002 Waist Chain with handcuffs located at hip
Waist chain is designed for maximum security situations. Handcuff is positioned at each hip allow for either parallel arm or cross arm handcuffing technique. Padlock rings adjust up to 54 inch waist. Double locking with two supplied.

Model 7003 Waist Chain with handcuff located in front
Waist chain is designed for maximum security transportation courtroom and processing situations. Handcuffs positioned at the navel allow for limited use of the hands. Padlock rings adjust up to 54 inch waist. Double locking with two keys supplied.


High Security Restraints

Peerless high security products are designed for high risk prisoner restraints and transport situations. These products will not operate with standard handcuff keys. The restraints incorporate standard product with a MEDECO or ASSA Desmo High security lock system and LEXAN polycarbonate housing. Multiple sets can be ordered with two different key options. Each set can be keyed alike or each can be keyed different. Both MEDECO and ASSA Desmo use restricted key control systems to prevent unauthorized key duplication. The Lexan polycarbonate housing is nearly unbreakable and is color coded orange for high visibility.

Peerless #710HS
Peerless #703HS
Peerless # 7002HS


Cuff Aide

Designed to aid law enforcement professionals in maintaining unruly prisoners. Cuff aide restricts dexterity to manipulate contraband or other potential hazards. Supplied with a 60″ fully adjustable waist belt and is removable. Made of heavy mesh material which allows ventilation and visual inspections


Hiatt Blue Box

Hiatt Blue Box- Sold Per Pair


Standard Hancuff Key, Oversized Handcuff Key

Standard size handcuff key
Small and lightweight. Compatible with all standard type handcuff locking mechanisms.

Oversize Handcuff Key
A high quality extra large key designed to make double locking and unlocking restraints faster and easier. The extra long aluminum barrel is oversized and knurled for lighter weight and easy handling. The flag tip and double lock pin are made from heat treated alloy steel for high strength and durability. The key ring swivels for easy turning. Compatible with all standard type handcuff locking mechanisms.


Peerless Cuffs & Leg Irons

Peerless Cuffs & Leg Iron
Hinged Cuff- Peerless #801
Traditional Cuff and Chain- Peerless #700
Leg Iron- Peerless #703

Supplied with two keys- National Institute of Justice Approved.


Belts-Non-Locking Leather Belts

Belts-Non-Locking Leather Belts Options

Leather Belts-Non-Locking, Options (18″-42″)
-(18″) B-218
-(24″) B-224
-(36″) B-230
-(39″) B-236
-(42″) B-242

Leather Belts-Non-Locking, Options (48″-78″)
-(48″) B-248
-(54″) B-254
-(60″) B-260
-(66″) B-266
-(72″) B-272


Polyurethane 501 Restraints

Polyurethane 501 restraints possess the benefits of the leather cuffs with additional features. Generation 4 & 5 Polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff’s ease of use. Advantages of this unique product are that it is durable, won’t stretch or shrink and cleans quickly and easily. Color coded for quick visual identification: Wristlets are blue and anklets are green. Remember, “Raise your hands to the blue sky and walk on the green grass.” Use disposable fleece liners FW-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort.

Polyurethane 501 Restraints Options
-Wrist-WA-501-Poly (15″)
-Ankle-AA-501-Poly (16″)
-XL Ankle-AA-501XL-Poly (19″)


Leather 501 Restraints

Locking 501 restraints provide security and comfort all in one. Fits juvenile to adult populations. The L-300 lock buckles promote authorized release. Universal K-300 key opens the L-300 Lock and operates locking belt as well. Standard orthopedic leather lining and optional foam padding are available to enhance comfort. This popular and versatile restraint may be used in many settings including bed, chair, gurney and ambulatory situations. Use with disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort.

Leather 501 Restraints Options
-Wrist-Standard- WA-501 (15″)
-Wrist-Foam Padding-WAL-501 (15″)
-Ankle-Standard-AA-501 (16″)
-Ankle-Foam Padding-AAL-501 (16″)
-XL Ankle- Stanard-AA-501XL (19″)
-AL Ankle-Foam Padding-AAL-501X (19″)


Polyurethane 201 Restraints

Polyurethane 201 restraints possess the benefits of the leather cuffs with additional features. Generation 5 polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff’s ease of use. Advantages of this unique product are that it is durable, won’t stretch or shrink and cleans quickly and easily. Color coded for quick visual identification.

Polyurethane 201 Restraints Options
-Wrist-WJ-201-Poly (12″)- Sold Per Pair
-Ankle-AJ201-Poly (14″)- Sold Per Pair
-AL Ankle-AJ-201X-Poly (17″)- Sold Per Pair


Leather 201 Restraints

Traditional non-locking 201 leather restraints have been a staple for security for over 130 years. Non-locking restraints allow fast application and removal on beds, gurneys, chairs and ambulatory situations. Featuring six size adjustments, cuffs accommodate juveniles to adults. Standard orthopedic leather lining and optional foam padding are available to enhance comfort. Secure cuffs with either 1 1/4″ non-locking or locking belts.

Leather 201 Restraints Options
– Wrist-Standard-WJ-201 (12″) Sold Per Pair
– Wrist-Foam Padding- WJL-201 (12″) Sold Per Pair
– Ankle-Standard- AJ-201 (14′) Sold Per Pair
– Ankle-Foam Padding-AJL-201 (14″)-Sold Per Pair
– XL Ankle-Standard-AJ-201XL (17″)-Sold Per Pair
-XL Ankle-Foam Padding-AJL-201XL (17″)- Sold Per Pair


Blanket Wrap

A great transport aid, the Blanket Wrap comes in three sizes and adjusts to accommodate juveniles to adults. Featuring a head support with pillow, eight handles for team support, a grommet at foot, and keeper tab keeps blanket rolled up for hanging storage. The easy-to-clean, heavy duty canvas and tapered sizing provide a snug, comfortable fit.

Size Options:
72″W x 60″H- HBW-050
60″W x 48″H- HBW-100
48″W x 44″H- HBW-200


Safety Smocks and Others

Safety Blanket, Safety Sleep Bag, Safety Pillow/Bed Roll, and Safety Smock
Made of rugged Quadian quilted with 1″ box stitches to deter shredding and tearing. Material is water resistant to shed soiling. Both are machine wash and dry for easy care. Smock has hook and loop shoulder and torso adjustment, and will fit most up to jacket size 60. Smock now features a modesty tab for legged appearance. Blanket is 60″ x 85″. The human safety sleeping bag features seven 2″ x 8″ hook and loop match points to fashion a sleeping bag. The pillow/bed roll can be used as 60″ x 85″ blanket or it can be rolled tightly or loosely, then secured with hook and loop to fashion a pillow.


Emergency Restraint Chair

Emergency Restraint Chair

Optional Adds to Chair
-Shoulder Trap
-Lap Belt
-Ankle Strap
-Arm Strap
-Buckle Cover
-Chair Back
-Chair Seat



Fully equipped TranBoard is ideal for transport and temporary stationary restraint situations. Board is standard with six-point polypropylene restrain system but can be equipped with leather or polyurethane restraints. A pillow protects the head from banging. The board is coated for easy cleaning and the runners on the bottom elevate the board for easy access to multiple handles. Multiple handles allow for easy team transport.

Optional Size
32″ x 78″- HST-100
24″ x 72″- HST-200


Isolation Bed

The heavy duty Isolation Bed includes three bars on each side to attach restraints, slight elevation for the upper body, and is non-porous for easy cleaning.
Isolation Bed-GBIB-2000


Duramax Bed

Heavy duty Duramax Bed includes side bars that run the length of the bed for easy adjustment of restraints. The bed has a curved top for patient comfort and is non-porous for easy cleaning.
Duramax Bed-GDB-100