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Cornerstone Service & Supply offers a wide selection of Detention Electronics and other detention products to the detention marketplace.  Whether you are a city, county, state or federal facility, let Cornerstone deliver the products you need and the prices you want.  Our highly-trained staff is available for consultations as well as assessments and repairs.  With more than 50 years of experience, Cornerstone can take care of all your Service & Supply needs.  To place an order or for more information on Graphic Control Panels, Perimeter & Intrusion Detection, Personal Duress Alarm, Touch Screen Control Systems, Video Visitation and other Security Electronics, please contact us at 877-298-7351 or use our convenient Contact Us Form.

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Circuit Boards


  • Direct P.L.C. Interface
  • Panel Mounted
  • Convenient “Pluggable” Relays
  • Integral “Snapback” Protection Diodes
  • Line and Common Bussing
  • Individually Fused Relay Circuits

The Trentech 237 Master and 238 Slave Relay Boards are compact panel mounted circuit boards designed to interface directly with high-density output modules from several manufacturers of industrial grade programmable logic controllers. Convenient “sems” type screw terminals are provided for field terminations and “pluggable” connectors are provided for P.L.C. or control panel interface.
Reliable high current mechanical relays are provided for control of A.C. or D.C. circuits, dry contacts, or a mixture of all types simultaneously. Each circuit is fuse protected and easily identified with the provided “clip-on” terminal strip covers. “Bussable” neutral and relay common points are available on terminal strips and are configurable via zero ohm resistors, insulated wire jumpers, or bus strips depending on user requirements.