Tabor Correctional Institution

Tabor City, NC


The 1000 cell detention facility was the sixth and final project of a prototypical design built for the State of North Carolina.  This facility contained 410,233 square feet .  It  was the first of these projects on which Norment participated and based on commendations from the Construction Manager,  the project was very successful.

Norment provided detention equipment work consisting of furnishing and installing security doors and frames, security glass, security swing door hardware, security sliding door devices, compressed air systems, security furniture, security mesh, bar grate and plate work.  The security pneumatic swing door locks and pneumatic sliding door devices were provided by the Airteq division of Norment Security Group, Inc.

Norment also provided the integrated security electronics system, through its Trentech division, which consisted of touch screen stations, CCTV systems, audio systems and locking control systems all programmed to operate through PLC controllers.

Norment’s contract amount for this project was $ 9.0 million and it is one of many successful projects Norment has completed in the State of North Carolina that included Airteq and Trentech products


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  • Project Statistics

    Start Date: May 2006
    Completion Date: April 2008
    Date of Occupancy: September 2008
    Construction Budget: 100 Million
    Initial Contract Value: $8.9 Million
    Norment Contract Value: $9.0Million
    Detention Equipment: $5.8 Million
    Security Electronics: $3.2 Million
    SF: 410,233
    No. of General Housing Cells: 1000
    Type: CM@Risk
  • Owner

    North Carolina Dept. of Correction
    Central Engineering
    4216 MSC, 2020 Yonkers Road
    Raleigh, NC 27699-4216

    Bill Stovall
  • Architect

    Little & Associates
    5815 Westpark Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28217

    Phone: 704-525-63
  • Construction Manager

    Balfour - Beatty
    1302 Western Boulevard
    Raleigh, NC 27606

    Phone: 919-755-0006
    Contact: John Harris, Sr. Project Manager
  • Norment Personnel

    Project Manager: Scott Wilson
    Project Engineer: James Bobo
    Field Superintendent: Jerry Cleckler
    Systems Programmer: Sam Daniel