Cornerstone Detention Products: Jail, prison, detention center construction and supplies, inmate jail cell supplies

Cornerstone Detention Products: Jail supplies, prison supplies, inmate supplies, jail cell supplies, jail equipment, jail cell equipment, prison cell equipment

Cornerstone Detention Products - Jail and Prison Construction, Jail Supplies  Cylinders and Keys

Cornerstone Institutional provides cylinders and keys from major manufacturers. We offer maintenance services for all of our locks and locking devices. Contact us at 877-298-7351 for more information.

Some of our popular options include:
Paracentric Cylinder and Key
The Paracentric Lever Tumbler Cylinders are crafted of Silicon bronze / copper alloy and are ideal for high-quality type locks. The Paracentric Key is composed of nickel silver.
Mogul Cylinder and Key
The Mogul Cylinder is twice the size of a standard “builders hardware” cylinder, and requires a high-quality lock. The Mogul pin tumbler and engaging ball are made of steel to reduce friction and increase its durability.
Jail Equipment, Prison Supplies from Cornerstone Detention Products
Maxi Mogul Cylinder and Key
Maxi Mogul cylinders provide maximum pick resistance and are UL634 listed. Keys are sold separately and registered at the factory.
Medeco Cylinder and Key
Medeco cylinders and keys are known for their high-security features, making them extremely pick-resistant. The key features a unique cutting pattern that cannot be easily duplicated.
Jail Equipment, Prison Supplies from Cornerstone Detention Products
Escutcheon and Door Hardware from Cornerstone Detention Products Cylinder Shield and Door Hardware from Cornerstone Detention Products
The Escutcheon provides a close fit between the paracentric cylinder and the keyhole. It protects the finish around the keyhole and prevents the key from being removed when the door is in the unlocked position. Security fasteners are provided.
Cylinder Shield
The Cylinder Shield is a durable option for exterior doors, protecting the paracentric cylinder from elements, including snow and dirt. Security fasteners are provided.
Jail Equipment

For pricing or more information about equipment for jails, prisons, and detention centers, contact Cornerstone Detention Products by calling toll free (877) 298-7351 or click to send an email.

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