Detention Hardware

All Airteq Detention Hardware products are quality built to meet the demanding needs of the correctional marketplace.

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Detention Hardware Products:

This Prison Hinge 603 can be used for many prison applications, including access panels and weapons lockers.

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603 Hinge

This Food Pass Hinge with Stop 603FP surface mounted hinge is used on food pass doors. Hinge is provided with a stop that restricts hinge rotations to 90 degrees, allowing the food pass door to act as a shelf.

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603FP Food Pass Hinge

This Institutional Mortise Hinge With Security Stud 604 FMCS is made from investment cast 304 stainless steel. Hinge is 4 1/2" X 4 1/2" X 3/16" thick, with hospital tip and maintenance-free bearing assemblies.

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604 Hinge Mortise

This heavy duty surface mounted Prison Hinge 605 is designed for use with the heaviest doors...Available with shortened leaf and/or holes (contact Airteq).

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605 Hinge

The Pull Handle 612 is cast in bronze with a clear coated satin finish of approximately US32D (US4 available).

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612 Pull Handle

The Door Knob 613 is machined from solid brass bar with a clear coated US32D Finish.

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613 Door Knob

The Flush Pull 614 is cast in bronze with a clear coated satin finish of approximately US32D.

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614 Flush Pull

The DPS 6200 is a high security mortised magnetic door position switch for door frame installation.

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6200 DPS

The Door Stop 650 is designed for use with detention door hardware with up to a 2 1/4" projection ...651 Door Stop also available - (2" dia, 1 1/2" tall)

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650 Door Stop

This Inmate Pushbutton 6300 heavy duty switch assembly is designed specifically for the detention environment. When enabled from a control station, it will allow inmate operation of cell door locks or perform as an inmate call button.

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6300 Inmate Push Button